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An Amazing Response, Kickstart in October is Going to be Big!

Just a quick update to thank everyone who has bought a ticket for the Kickstart 15th October 2023 meet. The response has been fantastic so far and we really appreciate all the support in bringing Kickstart back as a user group.

There are still a few table tickets left and we would really like to see you there. You can buy your ticket here:

We will be emailing ticket holders with regular updates between now and October.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page above.

Here We Go Again

Amiga Range of Computers
The Commodore Amiga – A Range of Computers That Spanned Two Decades

Back in 1997, the Amiga as a platform was dying. Commodore had gone bust, Escom (the company that bought most of Commodore’s assets, including the Amiga) also went bust after over-stretching itself. Various other attempts to rescue the Amiga platform from the wreckage ended up being little more than a joke that came to nothing. It fell to the remaining users and the rest of the grassroots community such as the vendors still in the market and the last embers of Amiga media to support each other and keep the platform alive. This is how Kickstart was born.

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