Kickstart 2: An Amazing Day For Everyone Who Attended

Kickstart 2 was a huge success, with 25% more people than October joining us for a day of all things Amiga. Everyone I’ve spoken too so far had a great time, and we are well on our way towards another sell-out meet in June.

We’ve got a few pics below from the event – more can be found over on our Facebook group and our Discord channel. YouTube creator Chris Thomas, also known as Retronaut, paid us a visit and filmed the meet. His video is now on his channel and I encourage you to go and have a look (click below), like and subscribe.

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Kickstart 2 is This Sunday!

It’s the final week, and we are all looking forward to descending on Ottershaw Village Hall for a full day of Amiga fun.

As it’s the final week, most things are locked down. Kickstart is the hottest ticket in town! We’ve sold out of tables and the table plan is now fixed for Sunday. There’s a couple of no-table tickets that I will leave live on the ticket page, just in case. We’ve ordered all the catering, Everything should be all set.

What to Bring: If you have a table ticket, there will be a table, a chair and access to power waiting for you – all you need to do is bring your gear! This simple list will help ensure you don’t forget the essentials:

  • Your Amiga
  • A monitor
  • Speakers or headphones if your monitor doesn’t do sound
  • Mouse, Mouse Mat and Joystick
  • Power Cables and Power Supplies for your Amiga, monitor and any powered peripherals
  • Mains extension lead (the more sockets the better)
  • A screwdriver (just in case you need to open up your machine, things can shake loose in transit)
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No-Table Tickets = LAST FEW ADDED

Table Tickets = SOLD OUT

Kickstart 2 – our second meet of the new era – is once again a table sell-out. We also sold out of no-table spaces, but have managed to squeeze a couple more in after previous attendees contacted us about going, so grab them while you can – we will be at maximum capacity after this.

Ticket sales for Kickstart 2 close on Saturday 10th February 2024 – we have to lock it down a week before so we can order the right amount of catering and other shopping.

The all-important logistics email will be going out to attendees and guests in the next 24 hours. This will tell you everything you need to know about the day: What’s happening, how to get to the venue, where to park etc. If you still have any questions after that, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

And don’t forget – if you can’t make it to Kickstart 2, tickets for Kickstart 3 – the big Amiga BBQ – on Saturday 22nd June 2024 are on sale now.

I Am The Table!

We are a little over two weeks away from the big day and there’s just one table ticket left for Kickstart’s February all-day Amigafest!

A Table Ticket includes all-day access to the meet, sandwich lunch, snacks and soft drinks/water/tea and coffee, a reserved chair and 4ft wide x 27 inch deep table space.

Non-Table Tickets include all of the above, except the table!

One Month Until Our Kickstart 2 Meet

Time has flown by and as I write this, we are just a month away from Kickstart 2, the next Kickstart Amiga Group meet. There are some new announcements below about the February meet around our special guests. I will be emailing out and posting the final update with all the logistics info two weeks before the meet.

The big thing to say is that we have just two table spaces left for Kickstart 2 in February, so if you are not already in, time has almost run out!

Kickstart 2 – Our Next Meet – February 2024

Special Guests

David Pleasance

David Pleasance, Commodore’s former UK MD, will be joining us at the February meet. We’ll be having a chat with David on the stage after lunch and he will have his latest book available for sale and signing, as well as his previous books. David will also be bringing a range of Commodore merchandise for sale as well.

Jakub Kosiec from Retro Lemon

Also joining us will be Jakub Kosiec, who sells a wide range of Amiga and other system upgrades via his company Retro Lemon. Jakub will be bringing a range of Amiga add-ons for sale, along with some of his Medusa retro scandoubler boxes and Hydra SCART switches. However, if there’s anything in particular you want from his range for your Amiga, Atari, Sinclair or Commodore machine and you want to save some postage, please drop Jakub a line at and he’ll bring it with him on the day.

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It’s 2024 – Time For Some More Amiga Meetups

Here’s hoping your 2023 ended well, and wishing you nothing but the best for 2024.

2024 is going to be the first of two big years for the Amiga community. The growth and resurgence of the user group community, large scale events, as well as the creation of a multitude of game-changing hardware and software solutions for our machines is set to make this year a milestone for bringing even more Amigas out of the loft and back into regular use. Kickstart has at least three events planned so far for 2024 (two already announced), details below:

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2024 Barbecue Meet Confirmed for Saturday June 22nd 2024

One of the things we really wanted to get in the diary for 2024 was a barbecue. The annual barbecue was a mainstay of the Kickstart Amiga Group annual diary, providing a great social environment as well as the fun of a regular meet.

We are pleased to confirm that we have booked Saturday 22nd June 2024 for the Barbecue meet. Ticket price includes the barbecue and tickets are on sale now, along with a few remaining tickets for our February 2024 meet:

Key Information

  • When: Saturday 22nd June 2024
  • Where: Ottershaw Village Hall, Brox Road,
    Ottershaw, Surrey, KT16 0HG
  • Time: 9am-9pm
  • Cost: £14-16 per person
    (price includes BBQ lunch, snacks and soft drinks throughout the day)
  • Ticket Link:
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Kickstart 2 Confirmed for Sunday 18th February 2024 – Tickets On Sale Now!

Hot on the heels of the success of our first meet, we are pleased to announce the date and details for our second meetup. Following a survey of members coming to our first event, we have confirmed Sunday 18th February 2024 for the meet. Tickets are on sale now, so please be quick as we did sell out of table spaces for our first meet.

Key Information

  • When: Sunday 18th February 2024
  • Where: Ottershaw Village Hall, Brox Road,
    Ottershaw, Surrey, KT16 0HG
  • Time: 9am-9pm
  • Cost: £14-16 per person
    (price includes lunch, snacks and soft drinks throughout the day)
  • Ticket Link:

For our second meet, we are once again holding it where it all began – Ottershaw Village Hall. This is where the Kickstart Amiga Group originally held its monthly meetings back in the 1990s and early 2000s, as well as the first three Kickstart Amiga Shows. Back then, it was called Brook Hall. Not only has the name changed, but the venue has had a substantial makeover and is a wonderful place to hold our meets. You can see some pics from our October meet here, as well as on our Facebook Group.

Kickstart is a non-profit event. The price we are charging is purely to cover the cost of renting the hall for the day and for the cost of the refreshments. If by some miracle, we have money left over, 100% of it will be put towards the cost of booking the hall for the next meet.

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