Kickstart 3 is Tomorrow – Are You Ready?

We are all ready here at Kickstart HQ to welcome you to our annual BBQ meet tomorrow. Ticket sales are closing at 2pm today for non-table spaces if you want to join us, but table places are all sold out.

What To Bring

If you have a table ticket (which most people will), there will be a table and a chair for you – all you need to do is bring your Amiga! This list will help ensure you don’t forget the essentials:

  • Your Amiga
  • A monitor
  • Mouse, Mouse Mat and Joystick
  • Power Cables and Power Supplies for your Amiga, Monitor and other peripherals
  • Any games or software you need
  • Speakers (if not built into your monitor)
  • Mains extension lead (the more sockets the better)
  • A screwdriver (just in case you need to open up your machine)

Other than that – we can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow at Ottershaw Village Hall in Surrey.

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