Kickstart 2 is This Sunday!

It’s the final week, and we are all looking forward to descending on Ottershaw Village Hall for a full day of Amiga fun.

As it’s the final week, most things are locked down. Kickstart is the hottest ticket in town! We’ve sold out of tables and the table plan is now fixed for Sunday. There’s a couple of no-table tickets that I will leave live on the ticket page, just in case. We’ve ordered all the catering, Everything should be all set.

What to Bring: If you have a table ticket, there will be a table, a chair and access to power waiting for you – all you need to do is bring your gear! This simple list will help ensure you don’t forget the essentials:

  • Your Amiga
  • A monitor
  • Speakers or headphones if your monitor doesn’t do sound
  • Mouse, Mouse Mat and Joystick
  • Power Cables and Power Supplies for your Amiga, monitor and any powered peripherals
  • Mains extension lead (the more sockets the better)
  • A screwdriver (just in case you need to open up your machine, things can shake loose in transit)

If you plan on bringing more than one machine, that’s absolutely fine. The table is your space for the day, how you use and fill it is down to you. Just be practical. Try not to bring more than you can realistically get out on the table. Most of our tables are 4ft wide by 2ft deep. A few are a bit bigger, but most are the core 4ft size. A 4ft Table will comfortably hold two systems (two computers, two monitors, two mice, two mouse mats etc).

Do I Have To Arrive at 9am?: No, you do not. We open at 9am and close at 9pm or when the last person goes, which ever comes first. It’s your day and how you use the time is down to you. You are free to arrive and leave any time within the 12 hours we are open.

Can I Use a Camping Trolley?: Oh yes – I use one to unload the car. Camping trolley carts are really good for computing events, as you can often completely unload your car in one go. They are also a great way to get your stuff from the Car Park across the road to the venue (there’s limited space to pull up right outside, so you might have to queue first thing). We have a dedicated storage room that can be used to store your carts, boxes etc. during the day.

Local Amenities

There are plenty of additional options for additional food, drink, supplies etc. to keep you going through the day:

  • There is a large Miller and Carter Pub and Steakhouse Directly opposite the main entrance to the venue. We will likely end the day here for a celebratory drink and a bite to eat for anyone who wants to join before we all go home.
  • There is a One Stop convenience store and Post Office approximately two minutes walk from the venue on Brox Road, as well as a Londis convenience store approximately one minute’s walk from the venue on Brox Road. The Londis also stocks fresh baked goods like cakes and sausage rolls from the local Mollie’s Tea Room and Bakery. Highly Recommended.
  • There is also a Lloyds Pharmacy on Brox Road, next to the Londis.
  • The 3 Rooms Indian Restaurant and Dragon Wok Chinese Takeaway are around one minute’s walk from the venue on Brox Road.
  • The venue is also covered by Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

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