It’s 2024 – Time For Some More Amiga Meetups

Here’s hoping your 2023 ended well, and wishing you nothing but the best for 2024.

2024 is going to be the first of two big years for the Amiga community. The growth and resurgence of the user group community, large scale events, as well as the creation of a multitude of game-changing hardware and software solutions for our machines is set to make this year a milestone for bringing even more Amigas out of the loft and back into regular use. Kickstart has at least three events planned so far for 2024 (two already announced), details below:

Most notable of all the recent innovation we have seen is the PiStorm, which has given all of us an inexpensive way to turbocharge the performance of our machines using a Pi, as well as add RTG, for the cost of a reasonable but unmemorable meal out. Looking at the cost of an 060 or PPC card in my 20s (which was already extortionate), and comparing that with a hyper-expensive 060 or an inexpensive PiStorm today, we’ve really succeeded in fusing the old with the new in an amazing way. And then there’s the cases and keycaps – the cases for the 1200 and 500 are a much-needed product in the market, adding new colours and improvements at a time when our 80s and 90s era Commodore plastics are not looking their best. I hope they finally deal with the outstanding crowdfunding pledges so we can all focus on giving this critical project our positive support.

I realise we’ve barely started 2024, but we should also mention that 2025 will be the 40th birthday of the Amiga. This year will play a big part in setting the scene for a year-long birthday party!

Our Next Meet – February 2024

After the success of the October meet we are back in February with the first of three meets to help kickstart the year. It’s going to be a busy meet with special guests, gaming contests, and some fun experiments including Amiga networking and multi-player, multi-machine gaming over serial, Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

At the time of writing there are just four table spaces left, so please don’t delay if you want to come along and bring your Amiga (or Amigas).

Special Guest – David Pleasance

I’m pleased to announce that David Pleasance, Commodore’s former UK MD, will be joining us at the February meet. We’ll be having a chat with David on the stage after lunch and he will have his latest book available for sale and signing, as well as his previous books available for sale. David will also be bringing a range of Commodore merchandise for sale as well.

Gaming Contests

The plan for the big projector screen is to get those gaming competitions going. Right now, we are looking at the following:

  • Worms Deathmatch Tournament
  • Skidmarks Tournament

We’ll have winners medals for both tournaments.

Plans For The Rest of 2024

Our BBQ Meet – June 2024

The annual barbecue is a Kickstart tradition that we have no intention of forgetting about. We’ve picked a great date in June (moving to a Saturday to make it easier for people to stay over, have a drink etc.) and we have some top-notch food lined up for the grill from one of London’s best butchers as well as hot dogs from the best hot dog maker in the UK (and I’m not just saying that because he’s a friend).

This will be a regular meet in terms of format, but we are replacing the usual sandwich lunch with BBQ food cooked out in the Village Hall garden by me. We’ll be doing good quality burgers, sausages and steaks, as well as vegetarian options. You are welcome to bring your own beers, wine etc. just remember to keep it in moderation.

More details about the June meet will follow, including competitions and guests, but tickets are on sale now.

October 2024 Meet

We plan to have our third meet in October 2024. Exact date to be confirmed. More details and ticket info will be posted in due course.

Selling Amiga Stuff at Kickstart: If you have things to sell, we are happy for you to do so at Kickstart. We provide a couple of tables by the stage for people to put items for sale on. However, it is the seller’s responsibility to deal with it. Similarly, if you make hardware etc. for the Amiga, we are happy for you to show these off and sell them at Kickstart. We take no responsibility for anything bought or sold at a Kickstart meet.

Groups: If you are coming as a group (for example, if you are part of another user group) and want to sit together, just let us know after you buy your tickets and we will make sure we reserve you a group of places together.

Not Bringing an Amiga? You are more than welcome – just buy a non-table ticket so that we know you are not bringing a machine. You will still get access to everything, you just won’t have a dedicated table.

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